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About Us

P.J. Art Tags "Unique" ... "stylish" ... " What you did to commemorate '9/11' was simply AMAZING." ... "Like nothing I have ever seen before, just fabulous, and, at an UNBELIEVABLE price" ... "Greatest party favor EVER! Kids went CRAZY for them!"

Five short years ago my Dog Tags were gifts reserved for family and friends "who had everything". It was my way of giving them something different, at the same time, telling them that they were special to me. For years I was challenged to make the Tags marketable. As the comments above reflect, my customers agree that my Art Tags are a GREAT gift at a fair price.

P.J. Art Tags are military grade stainless steel dog tags, hand painted using lead and nickel-free, non-toxic paints. Every tag is decorated with three-dimensional artwork that is hand applied, sealed and clear-coated. Each Tag comes with a 30 inch chain. Attention to quality and detail, plus the assistance from my very talented team ensure that my Art Tags are unique and unparalleled. An Art Tag is an interpretation of a person's interests, desires, hopes and aspirations. When you give a P.J. Art Tag as a gift, you tell the recipient that they are a special part of your life. When you wear your Art Tag, you make a statement about your interests and yourself. A P.J. Art Tag is great conversation piece.

Jodi Crespi

In 2011, WSVN Channel 7's Deco Drive produced a special interest piece that spotlighted P. J. Art Tags and named us THE product for the 2011 Holiday season. My Art Tags have also been featured on NBC6 South Florida, Fox News, Think Magazine, VIVE Magazine and many more. I have also created Art Tags for Van Halen, Kool & the Gang and other celebrities.

I use my gift as a former teacher to help women see the easier way of running their lives and businesses. My passion is to help other women entrepreneurs in unearthing their inner brilliance, and encouraging them to never give up on their dreams.

I am proud to announce that Macy's and Bloomingdale's continue to offer my Art Tags for sale nationwide. See Events for dates and times.

No two Tags EVER the same!

Designs as limitless as your imagination!

P.J. Art Tags  
P.J. Art Tags P.J. Art Tags P.J. Art Tags
prices starting at $65
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